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Amorphous magnetic core of annular incisions

1. The amorphous core annular incision

For example: OFAC OD = 60 mm - 060030025 said diameter, diameter ID = 30 mm, 25 mm height H = iron-based amorphous magnetic core of annular incisions.

2. The performance characteristics

Pieces with high saturation magnetic induction intensity, high permeability and low core loss (silicon steel sheet is 1/5 ~ 1/10)

The air gap size is adjustable, for different permeability

Pieces have excellent constant inductance characteristic and dc bias magnetic resistance.

High temperature stability, working temperature range and 55 ℃ ~ 130 ℃

3. The application field

Mixer dc frequency conversion air conditioning, plasma TV and other household appliances power factor correction circuit

Mixer SMPS switching power supply power factor correction circuit

Mixer UPS uninterruptible power supply power factor correction circuit.

Mixer inverter power supply power factor correction circuit.

4. Basic magnetic iron base amorphous alloy and silicon steel sheet can be compared 

5. Typical core specification 

6. Core magnetic characteristic curve (OFAC - 060030025, 1.0 V, 25 ℃) 

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