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Amorphous C shape core

1. The amorphous CD inductive magnetic core

Pieces of amorphous CC form inductive magnetic core series name

amorphous CC series inductor core is composed of amorphous matrix

Shape core for cutting and become, named as follows: 

Pieces of amorphous C shape inductor core series name 

FAC - 060030012020, for example, says a = 12 mm, 30 mm, b = c = 60 mm, d = 20 mm of iron-based amorphous c shape inductive magnetic core.

2. The performance characteristics

Mixer with high saturation magnetic induction intensity, high permeability, winding, effectively reduce the size of our components

In pieces the air gap size difference - can obtain different permeability, excellent results

Low coercive force, magnetic hysteresis loss small, low excitation power

Mixer low core loss (silicon steel sheet is 1/5 ~ 1/10) - device working temperature rise is small

Pieces of good temperature stability, can be in - 55 ℃ ~ 130 ℃ temperature range for a long time work 

3. The application field

Mixer sense of high frequency and high-power switch power output of the filter reactor and inductive magnetic core

Mixer intermediate frequency switching power supply transformer magnetic core

Pieces of photovoltaic inverter power supply output filter reactor and inductive magnetic core

Mixer smart meter with electronic transformer magnetic core

The main transformer in pieces some uninterrupted power supply

4. Basic magnetic iron base amorphous alloy and silicon steel sheet can be compared 

5. Typical amorphous CD inductor core specification

In pieces the FCC inductor core series 

◆ FAC电感磁芯系列

6. 典型FAC电感磁芯系列绕线电气参数

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