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Ordinary transformer

Ordinary transformer

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一、Main characteristics:

1、Adopt high permeability magnetic core,with high precision and good linearity.
2、The range of applicable electric current is wide (1.5 A - 120 A).
3、Primary input and secondary output ensures flexible and diversified forms as well as easy installation.
4、With a complete range of specifications (See the following table for details),products can be made according to customer special requirements.
二、Application and  standard :
.Mainly used in metering,serving as current sampling tool or the current measuring tool for general industrial instruments.
High accuracy,up to 0.2,0.1,0.05class
.DC type strong ability of restraining DC component,abide by IEC 61036:2000 “Level 1 and level 2 static AC active energy Watt-hour meter”
.Standard:GB1208 “Current Transformer” JB/T 10665 “Miniature current transformer”
三、Spec and parameter
Spec: 5(60)A/5mA 5(60)A/2.5mA 5(60)A/2mA 10(60)A/5mA 10(100)A/10mA 10(100)A/5mA 5(120)A/5mA 

Current and phase error:

Load resistance(Rb):5-25Ω
Isolation voltage :      
4000Vrms,1Min ,No break down,No arcing
Insulation resistance : 
≥1000MΩ(Testing voltage:500VDC)
Operating temperature :  -55~+75℃
Operating frequency :  50/60Hz
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