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Dc resistance transformer

Dc resistance transformer

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一、Main characteristics:

1、It adopts high magnetic permeability magnetic core,with high precision and good linearity,and can resist DC component.
2、The range of applicable electric current is wide (5 A ~ 400 A).
3、Primary input and secondary output ensures flexible and diversified forms as well as easy installation.
4、With a complete range of specifications (See the following table for details),products can be made according to customers special requirements.
二、Application and  standard :
.Mainly used in metering,serving as current sampling tool or the current measuring tool for general industrial instruments.
.DC type strong ability of restraining DC component,abide by IEC 61036:2000 “Level 1 and level 2 static AC active energy Watt-hour meter”
Standard:GB1208 “Current Transformer” JB/T 10665 “Miniature current transformer”
三、Spec and parameter
Spec: 5(60)A/2mA 5(60)A/2.5mA 10(60)A/4mA 5(80)A/2mA 20(100)A/8mA 5(120)A/2mA 5(120)A/2.5mA 

Current and phase error:

Load resistance(Rb):    5-25Ω
Isolation voltage :      
4000Vrms,1Min ,No break down,No arcing
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