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High frequency power transformer core

High frequency power transformer core

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1. The high frequency power transformer core is named in a circle 

For example: OFN - said diameter OD HPT - 080050020 = 080050020 mm, 50 mm diameter ID =, highly H = 20 mm iron-based nanocrystalline toroidal power transformer core.

2. The performance characteristics

In pieces with high saturation magnetic induction intensity, effectively reduce the size of our transformer

Pieces of high permeability, low coercive force, improve the efficiency of transformer, reduce the excitation power, lower iron loss and copper loss

Mixer low loss, reduce the temperature rise

Pieces of good temperature stability, can be in worker and 55 ℃ ~ 130 ℃ temperature range work for a long time

3. The application field

Pieces of high frequency induction heating power supply

In pieces welding inverter power source

Pieces of communication power supply

Mixer UPS power supply

Pieces of laser power supply

Mixer electrolytic plating power supply

4. The iron-based nanocrystalline alloy compared with basic magnetic ferrite 

5. Typical core specification 

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